How to become a Kleinunternehmer in Germany

Here you will find information on starting, setting up and running a Kleinunternehmen (small business). We explain what a Kleinunternehmer is, how to write invoices as a Kleinunternehmer and how to do your tax return properly. Whether you are just starting out with your business idea or have been a Kleinunternehmer for a while, in this category you will find valuable advice help on the topic of Kleinunternehmen.

Reverse Charge for Kleinunternehmer

Are you just starting your own business or are you self-employed on a part-time basis?...

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21st September 2022 - Read in 4 minutes

What is the Kleinunternehmer limit?

When you are self-employed on a part-time basis, or you are just starting your own...

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21st June 2022 - Read in 3 minutes

How to change from Kleinunternehmer to subject to VAT

You are registered as a Kleinunternehmer (small business owner) but your business is doing very...

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- Read in 3 minutes

Kleinunternehmer Guide: Everything you need to know about the small business regulation

The Kleinunternehmerregelung (small business regulation) can make it a lot easier for you to start...

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24th May 2022 - Read in 7 minutes

Kleinunternehmer: What taxes do I have to pay?

Self-employed persons with low income can save time and money by making use of the...

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16th May 2022 - Read in 5 minutes

Tax return for Kleinunternehmer

‘Kleinunternehmer’ (small business owners) must all submit a tax return. As a Kleinunternehmer, you are...

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22nd July 2021 - Read in 3 minutes

This is what you can deduct from your tax as a part-time self-employed professional

There are many different types of self-employment. For example, you can start as a freelancer...

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5th March 2021 - Read in 4 minutes

Want to start a side hustle in addition to your full time job? Here’s what you need to know.

When it comes to freelancing in Germany, it doesn’t have to be all or nothing....

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13th October 2020 - Read in 4 minutes

When is a freelancer a Kleinunternehmer?

The Kleinunternehmer, or small business designation, is often a blessing for many freelancers, especially at...

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17th September 2020 - Read in 4 minutes