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Transparent pricing

Simplifying your life starts with clear pricing

Monthly Yearly SAVE UP TO 40% WITH YEARLY

5 documents per month
Simple invoice creation incl. legal mentions
Real-time overview of your revenue, costs and profit
Automatic categorization of your expenses
Export in a formatted CSV file
Ideal with your accountant
Excl. VAT, yearly subscription
100% deductible
All from FREE
Unlimited documents
1 bank account synchronisation
Personalized invoices
Real-time overview on VAT balance and tailored tax recommendations
Timely tax reminders
Accountant Access
PDFs and DATEV exports
The full experience
Excl. VAT, yearly subscription
100% deductible
Mobile + Web
All from BASIC
Full access to Accountable Web
Up to 5 bank accounts linked (incl. Paypal)
Automated VAT return to the tax office (no ELSTER necessary)
Official Profit & Loss Statement (EÜR)
Income tax declaration
Call with an expert to get the best out of the app and manage your accounting easily
Priority Customer Service
*Price may vary depending on the app store
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How it works

Based on your profile, we suggest you a certified partner tax advisor.

They email you with an answer within 3 working days and you can ask any clarification questions until you fully understand the answer.

Our partners are totally independent and Accountable cannot be legally lied responsible for their services. They will determine their price independently and charge you directly.

Service summary
19% VAT
Total amount
Price per receipt 0.50€
Price per invoice 2.50€
Total amount tbd
100% deductible as an expense

You will be asked to pay by the partner accountant himself, once your request has been validated.

Tax advisor services

Our tax advisor partners help you whenever you need support

Accountable is a revolutionary way of working together with accountants in Germany.

On demand: you choose for the service you actually need, when you need it.
Tailored: we recommend you the best tax advisor partner for your situation.
Efficient: your tax advisor has access to all your data within Accountable.

Tax question

Get a valid answer from a certified tax advisor to any specific tax question that you have.

45 excl. VAT

Accounting review

Get all your documents reviewed when you actually need it.

2.50 per doc, excl. VAT

Call with tax advisor

Get 30 minutes with a certified tax advisor that has access to your file in Accountable.

60 excl. VAT

Get Started as a freelancer

Have a tax advisor submit your “Fragebogen zur steuerlichen Erfassung”

90 excl. VAT