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5 scans & uploads per month
Automatic categorization of your expenses
Export in a formatted CSV file
Create 100% legal invoices
No VAT return via ELSTER in app
No reminders and deadlines
No recommendations
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Excl. VAT, yearly subscription
100% deductible
Unlimited scans & uploads
Personalized Invoices
Data export to a any software and your tax advisor
Automatic categorization of your expenses
Intelligent tax tips and timely tax reminders
VAT returns via ELSTER in app
VAT return automatically generated
Real-time overview of your revenue, costs and profit
Bank Account Synchronization
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Optimize taxes with
personal counsel

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Get off the right foot with a check-up of your situation
Coaching sessions to answer questions and give proactive advice
Monthly review of all your expenses and revenue
Preparation of your VAT returns and income tax declaration
Hassan 60 monthly
Excl. VAT
100% deductible
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The services included in the Human pack are rendered by partner accountants and accounting firms, selected by Accountable and certified by the Chamber of Tax Consultants in Berlin.