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Get to know your personal Tax Coach

You are not alone when it comes to handling your freelance obligations. With our Tax Coaches, you have a real human at your side, supporting you with your tax issues.

This is your team

Our team of Tax Coaches is here to become your trusted tax allies. 
Get in contact with real people who know what they’re talking about.

Tax Coach Germany


Hanna always makes sure that the whole team feels happy and supported. She knows her way around the the Accountable App like no other.

Tax Coach Germany


Anne is not just a tax-specialist but also works in a dog rescure in the south of Germany. She has worked as a flight attendant and has the best travel stories to tell.

Tax Coach Germany


Next to working in taxes, Franzi is training to become a certified yoga teacher. She’s fluent in spanish and loves traveling to the mediteranian.

Tax Coach Germany


Simon loves french wine and works from Brussels. He knows the German tax system can be quite complex and is happy to explain it to fellow English speakers.

Tax Coach Germany


Robert’s siblings are freelancers themselves and inspired him to learn more about self-employment. In his free time, he enjoys cooking and baking vegetarian food.

Founder Germany


Tino built Accountable to help with the hoops and hurdles of the self-employed life. Wether it’s in a seminar, on the phone or in person, he’ll answer every tax question you might have.

Tax Coach Germany


Besides answering your tax questions Sophia also writes about all topics regarding freelancing on the Accountable blog.

Tax Coach Germany


When Esther is not helping users with their taxes, she can be found either in the ocean on a surfboard or in a CrossFit box.

What to expect from your tax coach


Your free & personal onboarding package

Book a free onboarding when it fits your schedule

Choose videocall, phonecall, email or chat message

Schedule a follow-up call to look back at your first month together


A practical answer to your questions in plain English

You’ll understand how taxes work

You’ll be able to use the app at its full potential

You’ll get personalised answers in English within 1 day


Additional support when needed

Get in contact with a certified tax advisor,
 if needed

We take your feedback seriously and optimize the app according to your suggestions

Book a free Webinar to get in-depth tax knowledge


We can’t provide legal tax advice.

We are not allowed to give tax or legal advice

We provide knowledge and valuable resources, instead

But we connect you with an official tax advisor partner if requested

Struggling with
letters from the Finanzamt?

A Tax Coach can help you with that.

User reviews from past conversations

6 hours ago

Spot on answer :)

9 hours ago

thanks luca, sorry for my late reply

1 day ago

Toujours aussi bon. Simon se rend toujours tres disponible, utilise un vocabulaire et a une approche...

2 days ago

Thank you for the help

4 days ago

excellent communication

5 days ago

Sehr gut :)

5 days ago

Anne is always super helpful and friendly 🫶

5 days ago

Very clear instructions with enough info for me to understand why I should do it that...

5 days ago


6 days ago

Thank you very much for your quick response! It solves my question perfectly!