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All tax declarations made with Accountable are now guaranteed ⭐️

Written by Nicolas Quarré, Co-founder & CEO
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The Accountable guarantee: In the case of errors due to the Accountable App, we will refund any resulting back taxes up to 5,000€.

It is our way to offer complete peace of mind to everyone using Accountable to submit their taxes.

It is our commitment to you.

With over 20,000 tax declarations generated from Accountable in 2022, we are on our way to become the #1 source of tax returns for the self-employed in Germany.

At the same time, we have further improved Accountable so that we can now offer all our users a unique level of security with the following guarantee: In the event of errors due to the Accountable app, we will refund any back taxes (Steuernachforderungen) up to 5,000€.

We take this commitment and promise you full security because we know how important this feeling of assurance is for our users – and because self-employed people deserve more confidence when it comes to taxes.

We can do it because we are the best positioned to do it:

  • Design for zero bad input: we built the software so that users cannot make mistakes when capturing invoices & receipts (90% is automated through character recognition, the remaining 10% are fool-proof)
  • Deep automated checks: for every submission, we automatically check the status of every document and make sure they are correct, were reviewed and not submitted before. We check for potential mistakes in user’s expenses and invite them to discuss difficult cases with us (see pre-requisite). We let the user know if any of those checks failed.
  • Always correct attachment management: for every expense and every revenue, based on the category and type, we check which justification is needed for each tax declaration. We don’t let users deduct expenses or declare revenue if not justified by the proper documents.
  • Link to the bank: by letting our users connect up to 5 bank accounts in the app and automatically reconciling expenses and revenue, we help them maintain a clean accounting, hence dramatically reducing the risk of mistakes & irregularities.

👍 Who gets the guarantee?
All tax declarations are by default guaranteed if they are initiated by:

  • any PRO user that meets the Safety Score criteria. This means, their bank account must be connected and all transactions must be classified.
  • any accountant whose client meets the Safety Score criteria

✅ What does the guarantee cover?
In the event of errors due to the Accountable App, we will refund any resulting fines (Steuernachforderungen) up to €5,000. The guarantee includes

  • differing assessments of taxes by the responsible tax authority
  • additionally accruing interest in the respective valid version (§ 233a German Fiscal Code (AO))

🚫 Which cases are not covered by the guarantee?
We cover tax compensation in the event of errors due to the app, with the exception of intentional (criminal) or grossly negligent (regulatory/fines relevant) actions as well as misuse of the app.

In concrete terms, this means that the guarantee does not cover, among other things:

  • Penalties for fraud and tax evasion
  • Claims after the expiry of the guarantee period (2 years after submission)

The guarantee neither applies in the following cases:

  • The user willingly committed fraud, as stated by Tax Authorities, during the period covered by this declaration.
  • The user submitted their declaration late more than once or did not submit it at all, despite the warnings displayed in the app.
  • The user forgot to add documents for the period of the declaration or submitted a document twice, despite warnings displayed in the app.
  • The user was ever asked by Tax Authorities to pay a fine for fraud or see their revenue corrected by the Tax Office in any period prior to the submission.
  • The user belongs to any of those special tax regimes: mixed VAT, margin VAT, or agriculture.
  • The user did not fulfill the eligibility criteria for the guarantee (safety score), as displayed in the app.

As always, if you have any questions or remarks, please don’t hesitate to contact us directly at [email protected]. We read every incoming message!

In the meantime, all the best to you and your business! ⭐️

On behalf of the entire Accountable team

All your taxes. Done.

Just add your invoices. Accountable generates all of your tax returns without mistakes..
Nicolas Quarré, Co-founder & CEO
Nicolas Quarré, Co-founder & CEO

Nicolas knows first-hand the pain of the self-employed, facing heavy financial & admin obligations. He is here to solve that.
Before launching Accountable, Nicolas gathered extensive experience as a digital entrepreneur, including in Brazil. If he could pick a magic power, that would be ubiquity: he would run Accountable at maximal speed while enjoying family time.

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