Understanding the Finanzamt

Many self-employed people are afraid of making mistakes in their bookkeeping or tax returns and getting into trouble with the tax authorities. But don’t worry, we’ll explain what the letters from the Finanzamt mean and how to pay your taxes to the Finanzamt correctly.

Power of attorney for tax advisors: Everything you need to know

Tax matters require self-employed professionals to have either in-depth tax knowledge, comprehensive tax software or...

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8th May 2024 - Read in 5 minutes

Zusammenfassende Meldung: What is it and who has to do it?

Anyone who has clients or customers in other EU member states beyond their national borders...

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29th April 2024 - Read in 3 minutes

How to fill out the EÜR in Elster

In Germany, you have to report your profits and losses as a freelancer or self-employed...

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15th February 2024 - Read in 4 minutes

Freiberufler or Gewerbe? We explain!

Someone who wants to become self-employed in Germany has to answer quite a few questions...

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22nd November 2023 - Read in 7 minutes

What to do about mistakes in the tax return?

Every self-employed person has to file an income tax return and has confirmed by signing...

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27th September 2022 - Read in 5 minutes

How to pay VAT as a freelancer in Germany

Self-employed people have to think about a lot when it comes to the regular VAT...

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21st September 2022 - Read in 2 minutes

Bundeszentralamt für Steuern (BZSt) and Finanzamt: What’s the difference?

Getting started as a freelancer in Germany can be quite complicated – and even more...

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1st June 2022 - Read in 3 minutes

Speaking Finanzamt: Explaining the most common letters you’ll get from the German tax office

Do you know that feeling? You are checking your mailbox, notice a letter from the...

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27th October 2021 - Read in 7 minutes

Understanding the Finanzamt – Change of VAT period letter

The Finanzamt sent you a letter and you’re not sure what to do now? No...

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2nd October 2021 - Read in 2 minutes
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