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Accountable or WISO Steuer

For freelancers it's crucial for their business to have a reliable bookkeeping and tax software. Our goal is to help you make a decision and compare the different tax solutions. Here you can find our comparison between Accountable and WISO Steuer.

What suits your needs best?

With WISO Steuer you can prepare your tax returns. A special feature is that private individuals can call up their own data directly from the tax office. While WISO Steuer is designed to prepare tax returns, it's not bookkeeping software. You need the additional WISO MeinBüro for this.

Accountable offers the possibility to file all tax returns directly. In addition, as freelancer, you have personal support and everything you need for your bookkeeping directly in one software.

What are the differences between WISO Steuer and Accountable?


WISO Steuer



Accountable covers bookkeeping in addition all tax returns

Tax Guarantee

Income tax return

Gewerbesteuer (Trade Tax)

Jährliche Umsatzsteuer

Umsatzsteuer-Voranmeldung & Zusammenfassende Meldung

Einnahmenüberschuss Rechnung (EÜR)

Körperschaftsteuererklärung (für Kapitalgesellschaften)


Compare the features you need

Create invoices

Send offers

Scan expenses

Integrated tax calculator

Security: 2-Factor Authentication

Is there an app?

Free version available?

How do we compare in ratings?

Compare real user ratings for Accountable and WISO Steuer


WISO: AppStore

Based on 29k reviews


Accountable: AppStore

Based on 1,6k reviews

What other users are saying about Accountable

Don’t just take our word for it

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The tax regulations in Germany are pretty complex. Luckily Accountable makes the process of doing taxes worry-free and downright pleasant. What I really like is that they give you a guarantee that using their app will not get you into any trouble. That means they really stand behind their product, and I applaud that.

2 October 2023 - trustpilot


Extremely helpful as a foreign freelancer in Germany, would be lost without it. Any questions i ever have are also answered quickly and informatively by staff too.

1 November 2023 - trustpilot


Really nice app that has all that I want as a small business ( freelancer ). Simon on customer service was spot on

21 November 2023 - trustpilot



It’s intuitive and easy to use and all my administration is in one place. Next to that, the app actually gives you tax saving tips, just with those I’ve saved the more money then the app cost me!

9 November 2023 - trustpilot


The app looks great, it’s simple to use, and the support with video calls is excellent.

10 May 2023 - intercom

Thinking to switch from WISO Steuer to Accountable? Profit from our bonus!

If you want to use Accountable, we will make it as easy as possible for you to switch 
from your existing software. That’s why we offer three month for free for everyone coming from WISO Steuer. So, if you buy a yearly plan, you save 25%. It includes your personal tax coach who will help you with all questions related to the move. Just send us an email to support@accountable.de to claim your personal payment link.

Curious to try Accountable without any risk?

Accountable offers a free 14 days trial. Get to know the solution and see if it fits your needs.

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