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Accountable or Papierkram

Are you looking for software to help you manage your accounting and taxes as a self-employed professional? We provide you with a clear comparison between Accountable and other solutions to help you make the right decision.

What solution suits you best?

Accountable is the most extensive solution for the self-employed. Not only can you handle all your bookkeeping with it, you can also complete all your tax returns without a lot of stress or tax advisors.

Papierkram is a very complete bookkeeping and accounting solution designed specifically for small businesses.

What are the differences between Accountable and Papierkram?



Tax guarantee on tax returns
Personal AI Assistant
Income Tax
Yearly VAT return
Trade Tax (Gewerbesteuer)
Recurring VAT return
Profit & loss statement (EÜR)
Betriebswirtschaftliche Auswertung (BWA)
Send invoices
Write offers
Record times & project budgets
Create and manage clients
Save expenses
Integrated tax calculator
More possibilities
Connect your bank accounts
Is there an app?
Free version available?
Personal support from the tax coaches

How do real users rate us?

User reviews for Accountable and Papierkram

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Manuel, Photographer
Don't take it from us: Hear what our users say!

The tax regulations in Germany are pretty complex. Luckily Accountable makes the process of doing taxes worry-free and downright pleasant. What I really like is that they give you a guarantee that using their app will not get you into any trouble. That means they really stand behind their product, and I applaud that.


Extremely helpful as a foreign freelancer in Germany, would be lost without it. Any questions i ever have are also answered quickly and informatively by staff too.


Really nice app that has all that I want as a small business ( freelancer ). Simon on customer service was spot on


It’s intuitive and easy to use and all my administration is in one place. Next to that, the app actually gives you tax saving tips, just with those I’ve saved the more money then the app cost me!


The app looks great, it’s simple to use, and the support with video calls is excellent.

Would you like to switch to Accountable? Benefit from our switching bonus!



We make the migration from your existing software to our solution particularly uncomplicated! If you're coming from Papierkram, you can use our PRO version three months for free. With an annual subscription, you also benefit from a 25% discount! Included is also the support of your personal tax coach, who will assist you with any questions about the transition. Just send us an email at [email protected] to receive your personalised discount link!

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You can test Accountable for 14 days free of charge. Use this link to get an impression of the design, user interface and our personalised support.

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