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Saving taxes is an important topic for every self-employed person, because if you deduct the right things, you can reduce your tax burden and have to pay less tax. In this category, you will find valuable information on the topic of saving taxes, such as the deductibility of costs, the use of depreciation, the correct determination of profit and much more.

9 important tax allowances for freelancers

To make use of tax allowances or lump sums in the tax return sound good...

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2nd November 2023 - Read in 5 minutes

An overview of the different tax classes

How much income tax is deducted from your income is largely determined by your tax...

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31st October 2023 - Read in 7 minutes

Investment for freelancers: How to build wealth when you’re self-employed

As a self-employed individual, you are responsible for your retirement planning. Many who find themselves...

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29th September 2023 - Read in 5 minutes

Energiepreispauschale for independents in Germany

You’ve probably heard that the government has planned a relief package for all taxpayers in...

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8th September 2022 - Read in 2 minutes

This is the difference between business expenses and income-related expenses

If you are self-employed, you have to pay income tax on your earnings. However, you...

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21st July 2022 - Read in 3 minutes

Travel expenses as a self-employed person: How to use the mileage allowance in your tax return

As a self-employed person or freelancer, you don’t always work from home. Maybe you have...

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19th November 2021 - Read in 4 minutes

How to claim business expenses on tax from before you were a registered freelancer

Starting your freelance career is not something you decide over night. A lot of thinking,...

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7th April 2021 - Read in 4 minutes

Working from home: This is what you can claim on tax

2020 has brought about many changes and with a lot of companies having to close...

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28th October 2020 - Read in 3 minutes

7 handy tax deductions for freelancers in Germany

Self-employed professionals in Germany are entitled to deduct a range of business expenses when it...

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15th July 2020 - Read in 5 minutes
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