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Revolutionising taxes for freelancers – The Accountable AI Assistant

Written by Sophia Merzbach, creative writer and content producer
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Are you tired of the stress and uncertainty that comes with filing your taxes in Germany? Do you wish there was a way to get personalised, trustworthy advice without having to search for and rely on expensive tax advisors? Look no further – the Accountable AI Tax Assistant is here to revolutionise the way you handle your taxes.

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Finding a tax advisor – a real problem for freelancers

As a self-employed professional in Germany, you know how complex and time-consuming taxes can be. From navigating the complexities of German tax law to ensuring that your tax returns are error-free, the process can be overwhelming.

So were you looking for a tax advisor to support you with the difficult German tax system, but couldn’t find one? Then you’re not alone: The age distribution of tax advisors in Germany shows a concerning decline in the number of those available to assist freelancers and other self-employed professionals.

Also, freelancers have always faced challenges in finding affordable tax advisors, especially when starting their self-employment journey. With tax advisor fees often starting at €2,500 annually, many self-employed professionals, particularly those with lower revenues, have had difficulties finding and paying for tax advisors.

Amidst this backdrop of challenges, the search for alternative solutions is therefore more urgent than ever. The Accountable AI Assistant is designed to address these challenges head-on!

In this time of declining availability of tax advisors in Germany, the launch of an AI Assistant is a logical step to help freelancers with their tax obligations… and potentially revolutionising the bookkeeping and tax landscape

What can the AI Assistant do for me?

The Accountable AI Assistant is not just another ChatGPT. Unlike generic AI platforms, the AI Assistant has been meticulously trained with the most current and comprehensive tax information, derived from tax law, expert advice, and Accountable’s vast tax knowledge database. This makes it the most sophisticated tool available for self-employed professionals.

Answers to your tax questions

One of the key features of the AI Assistant is its ability to provide personalized advice tailored to your unique situation. By granting it access to your data in Accountable, you can receive bespoke advice on a wide range of tax-related queries. Whether you’re unsure about a specific tax deduction or need help understanding a letter from the Finanzamt, the Accountable AI Tax Assistant has you covered.

Tax checks for error-free tax returns

The AI Assistant does not only answer your questions. It also includes proactive assistance with tax checks and automated expense categorization, ensuring that users’ tax affairs are always in order. Because the AI Assistant can also automatically check and validate the data you enter, ensuring that your tax returns are accurate and compliant. So you don’t have to worry about false tax statements anymore.

The Accountable Tax Guarantee

The AI Assistant is also what ensures the Accountable Tax Guarantee. Everything you save and want to submit to the Finanzamt will be checked and guaranteed.

As a 24/7 personal tax AI at your fingertips, the Assistant supports the beloved Tax Coaches in their work of answering your tax questions and supporting you all the way, offering individualized advice and a sense of security. So you can succeed in your freelance career.

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Accountable is the tax software for self-employed professionals in Germany. Manage your taxes and bookkeeping without tax knowledge and stress. The app is user-friendly and offers support from the AI and our tax coaches at every step. Test it now for free!

All your taxes. Done.

Just add your invoices. Accountable generates all of your tax returns without mistakes..
Sophia Merzbach, creative writer and content producer
Sophia Merzbach, creative writer and content producer

Sophia loves literature and writing. She's happy to have joined the Accountable team and is becoming a pro on all things tax related.
In her free time you will find her in a boulder gym, studying Italian or discovering the streets of her new hometown Berlin.

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