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Setting up officially

Your official tax registration

The one thing everybody needs to do: register with the tax office (Finanzamt). With this free form you can register officially and free of charge. After submitting the form the Finanzamt will review your registration form and send you your tax number via letter.

FAQs on tax registration

Who has to register with the tax office?

Anyone starting a self-employed business in Germany, whether as a freelancer or a tradesperson (Gewerbe), needs to register with the tax office (Finanazmt). This also applies if you want to register as part-time self-employed or Kleinunternehmer.

Why do I need a tax number?

Simply put, withour a tax number you can’t invoice your client. A tax number is essential for proper tax reporting and invoicing.

Here you find everything you need to know about the German tax numbers.

How will I know what to enter in the form?

The form, which is called “Fragebogen zur steuerlichen Erfassung” asks for details about your business, income, and other relevant information. We’ve provided helpers and articles in English to help you at every step!

Am I Freiberufler or Gewerbetreibender?

The final decision lies with the tax office (Finanzamt). However, there are some guidelines that determine, wether your self-employed profession falls is a Gewerbe or the work of a freelancer.  We provide helping context in the form itself to give the right information, but you can also read about it here.

Can I get help from an expert in filling out the registration form?

Yes! You can contact our experienced Accountable Tax Coaches in the help chat within the form. They will personally help you with any questions.

Is the form you provide the offical form?

Yes, you can use the form on the Accountable website. It will be sent to your local Finanzamt via our official ELSTER interface.

Do I need a tax advisor to get started?

As a self-employed professional in Germany, there is no legal obligation to hire a tax advisor.

In any case, you are responsible for all your own administration, accounting, and tax obligations. Whether you work with a tax advisor depends on your needs and budget.

The official registration itself is directly available online and free of charge.

If you decide to use Accountable as your tax software, our Tax Coaches will be there to answer your questions on a daily basis. Should you need a tax advisor for a certain issue, we will connect you with one of our official tax advisor partners.

Review by a Tax Coach

Not sure if you have the right data to finalise your tax registration? Ask our Tax Coaches! Send us a message and they will check our information for you.